Endorsements: From Lucy

From: "Lucy Schaefer"  

To: bengarvin@gmail.com 

Subject: AWESOME! 


We just received the photos yesterday. They look absolutely amazing. You truely have a beautiful talent...I have showed numerous people that just couldn't believe picture could turn out that amazing! It was so funny, Tim and I watched the video the other night and we'd always see you in the background getting the best pictures, yet on the actual wedding day neither one of us remembered you! Tim kept asking, did you pose for that, or did ben ask you to do that? and I kept saying no, he must of taken it when I was't looking because I have no idea! Anyway, we were thoroughly impressed by you and thank you again. I have had a few people ask me about you, if you do weddings for your job, etc. Is it appropriate for me to lead them to your website? Just let me know!