Endorsements: From Julie

From Julie Ring, thegriffings@hotmail.com 


Hi Ben,  

We have been enjoying the photos so much! I spent last weekend (during the blizzard) creating four Snapfish photobooks for our parents and siblings. I appreciate so much being able to work with the digital images and tell a story - my parent's book focused on their family and their friends, Steve's parent's book focused on his side of the family. I could not have afforded to create these gifts using a "traditional" wedding photographer who owns the rights to the images. 

And... well... here's my mom's reaction, in her own words:  

"There aren't enough Kleenex in the house to catch tears of joy and enjoyment as I take time to look at your wonderful wedding photos again! You (and your photographer, of course) did a great job. The absolutely best gift we have ever been given." 

All of that aside, the pictures are gorgeous. We have received many, many comments from everyone we have shared them with. I have walked around with my laptop and the disk for the past week, showing an edited slide show to whomever will watch it! :-) The comments I hear the most are that people can tell how much fun we were having by seeing the photos. I love that - it means you captured the spirit that I felt that night. 

If you ever need a reference, please send people our way! 

Thank you!!