Endorsements: From Chance

A review from the weddingchannel.com from Chance Meyer: 

It's clear from Ben's resume and portfolio that he's super talented. But when you hire him, you get more than talent. Ben is a true journalist. He is unobtrusive (I refer to him as a sniper because he seemed to get photos at our wedding when we had no idea he was present), which tends to make things more natural and less contrived, and skilled at recognizing and capturing those nuances and moments and details that define an evening. I tell people that I didn't know what my wedding was like until I saw Ben's pictures. My wife and I were looking for a journalistic approach. We did the obligatory posed shots (Ben worked quickly and efficiently so we could get all the combos of people we wanted without spending all day posing, and everyone loved working with him as he's a fun guy), but the photos we cherish most are when Ben caught us and our loved ones in attitudes most indicative of our and their personalities. He has an eye for that. Basically, his photos look like they belong more in Time than in a frame for sale at Target, meaning instead of awkward posing and cheese faces, they are active and natural and accurate to the true feeling of that moment. If you want an intelligent approach to the recordation of your wedding and are reluctant to hire someone because you don't want the typical Hallmark-ish wedding photographer faire, I strongly suggest you hire Ben. He's a journalist that does weddings as opposed to a wedding photographer. That being said, he listens very closely to what you want and makes it happen. My wife and I agree that hiring Ben was the best money we spent for our wedding. I've come to think of that expense not just as paying for our wedding photographer but as also buying gifts for all our family and friends, who have striking photos of themselves and their family that Ben took at our wedding hanging on their walls to enjoy forever. 

-Chance (and Julie)